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Pride. Not in oneself, but in Nation. In our way of life....


In that darkest corner

When you are alone


And only the maddening silence surrounds you

Think, dream, desire

For the land you live in
It is lost

Look outside of yourself
See the Nation
A fellow citizen
Friends, family, strangers

In your darkest corner
They are too
Like you
And Nation

Oh, our Fathers
How they would lament
This wretched state
That we are in

We have foresaken our unity
Division, hate, fear, stupidity
Guide us now
Our pillars do sway

Under this tumult

Wake up
Before we are written
To the pages of history
As yet another failed society

Only you
And you
And you
And me

Can save this Nation
This beautiful country

From a certain suicidal destiny


Please, remember...... We are a Society..... We are the United States.....

Without you though, we are going to die

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