p/b (Martin) (potatoblight) wrote,
p/b (Martin)

Drunk as fuck. Again. (Flowers by the door)


Cleaned the kitten's shit box. Vacuumed the house. Took all da trash out. Drunk and fucked up on my favorite ganja substitute (benadryl).

Lonely. Alone. Devastated.

Maybe I'll have the Vet cut my balls off too when I take poor lil Ralph to lose his........

What am I to do? Honestly? (The answer is already there, I know that, Karma.)

Crying again. Lost. So fucking lost.

All my life has been a dream
An endless nightmare so it seems
Tonight's the night, yes this is the end
You've heard it before, this is what I said

I think about gone yesterdays
All the things that people would say
Tonight's the night, I'm gonna find the truth
Tonight's the night. goodbye to you

Because I can't take it anymore
No, I can't make it anymore
Don't say nothing cause baby there ain't no more
Just leave your flowers by the door

You can't see me now, cause I'm in the day
It's all over, no one left to pay
I'm finally happy with no yesterday
I'm still alive, but I'm in the grave.
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